Sabancı Republic Day Campaign

In 2021, on the 98th anniversary of the founding of the Republic of Turkey, Sabancı Group launched the Sabancı Republic Day Campaign with the mission to lead by example when it comes to sustainable living, leave a beautiful future for nature, living creatures, and future generations, and to protect the Atatürk's legacy.

Sabancı was selected as the Most Successful CSR Project in the Eyes of the Public in the 18th "Corporate Social Responsibility Survey" conducted by Capital Magazine.

Over the course of 13 days, more than 60,000 employees and stakeholders participated in an all-volunteer campaign in 11 provinces, starting from Adana, followed by Aydın, Aksaray, Ankara, Antalya, Balıkesir, Bursa, Çanakkale, İstanbul, Kocaeli and Mersin, where we organized the renovation of schools as well as many environmental activities supporting biodiversity, including soil revitalization, sapling planting, and environmental cleaning.

Embracing the late Hacı Ömer Sabancı's life philosophy of "Sharing what we have obtained from this land with its people," on the 99th anniversary of the founding of our Republic, we further expanded the Republic Day Campaign, Turkey's most widely participated social responsibility movement with more than 60 thousand employees and stakeholders in 41 provinces proving that we are not just celebrating the Republic, we are keeping it alive through hard work.

On November 10, we dedicated all the voluntary work achieved during the campaign to the memory of Atatürk, as he would have wanted.

Since the day Sabancı Group was founded, we have always been out in the field helping people. Today, we are still highly active in the field; with the support of all our employees, we do everything we can to protect these lands.

We understand that every measure we take to prevent fires, every hive we place for the continuity of nature, every education opportunity we provide for the future of our youth, and every action we take for women's participation in the workforce and equal opportunities will bring us one step closer to a better world.

Happy 99th anniversary of the Republic!