Support for Biodiversity


As part of the 'Water is Breath' project, we increased awareness among 445 students aged 7-8 in Afyon by using games to showcase the critical importance of water.

As part of the 'Water is Breath' project, we conducted training sessions and games to increase awareness about the importance of water and the need to protect water resources among 180 students in İstanbul.


Enerjisa Üretim 

Through the "Bee Breeding and Beas Diseases" training program we organized in Kahramanmaraş, we increased awareness among beekeepers about pollination, colony productivity, and methods to combat varroa mites.

As part of the 'Support for Beekeeping' project, we installed beehives and provided a home for 200 million bees annually. This initiative has helped support the production of 50 tons of honey.



As part of the 'Food Rescue Harvest' project, we gathered 8 tons of tomatoes and donated them to food banks via the Food Rescue Association.