Sabancı Group Allocates 12 Billion Turkish Lira To Aid The Earthquake-Affected Region


Sabancı Volunteers have been actively providing aid in the disaster-affected region and Sabancı Group has so far allocated 12 billion Turkish lira to meet some of the costs of energy, bank funding, search and rescue, shelter, food, and basic needs.


Sabancı Holding CEO Cenk Alper commented on the 2022 financial performance of Sabancı Group and noted that they succeeded in strengthening the already healthy balance sheet of the holding despite challenging conditions: “In addition to our strong financial performance, we have simultaneously managed strong assets and equities with our investment spurt to become Sabancı of the World. I sincerely congratulate all colleagues as we left behind 2022 with a streak of high-achieving financial performance as our new economic investments gained traction.”

Mr. Alper stated that at the heart of growth plans for all Group companies lies the ‘new economy,’ which they address in three categories as energy and climate technologies, advanced material technologies, and digital technologies: “In our business involving energy, we launched Turkey’s first green hydrogen production at our Bandırma Power Plant. Within the scope of renewable energy investments, a significant component of our sustainability commitments, we commissioned, in 2022, the 65-MW Kayseri Erciyes Wind Power Plant (WPP) and the acquired 55-MW Akhisar Wind Power Plant (WPP). We have also scheduled a $1.2 billion investment that will energize a total of 1,000 MW of wind power. The share of renewable energy in the total installed power of our company Enerjisa Üretim will subsequently climb to 57 percent, thus cementing our leading place among the private sector actors in power generation. Furthermore, our recent company Sabancı Climate Technologies, founded last year, currently directs our renewable energy investments across the borders of Turkey while also investing strategically in international venture funds and startups. Within this scope, we launched a strategic partnership with the U.S.-based Safar Partners and carried out direct investments in the startups Commonwealth Fusion Systems and Quaise Energy, both considered iconic initiatives of destructive innovation in energy and climate technologies. This included our role as an investor in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, and the University of Rochester ecosystems.

Regarding our industrial business: Kordsa expanded its global footprint to include Europe by acquiring Microtex Composites S.R.L all the while strengthening its presence in the integral composite in space, aeronautical, and automotive technologies. In the Building Materials business, we launched our capacity-building investment in calcium aluminate cement (CAC) at our Çimsa plant in Mersin. Çimsa is also exploring new growth platforms in the U.S. and in Europe.

In digital technologies, we successfully launched the industry's very first technology-oriented marketplace at Teknosa. We also acquired one of the world’s leading cybersecurity startups, Radiflow, and the data-oriented digital marketing company SEM through SabancıDx. Our corporate venture capital fund Sabancı Ventures continues to support early-stage initiatives in Turkey while, in 2022, we concluded investments in Bulutistan, a cloud technologies company;,  a company that builds intelligent AI-powered virtual assistants for businesses; Albert Health, which operates in digital healthcare to develop an artificial intelligence-based disease management and telehealth services platform; Figopara, a next-generation debt-funding platform; and Supply Chain Wizard, a digital factory platform. We help entrepreneurs in and out of the Group to realize their dreams through the Sabancı ARF Almost Ready to Fly program, and we help promote an open innovation culture in the business world, as we consider this our country’s most significant technological development.

As for Financial Services, we are adopting a more inclusive perspective in healthcare services thanks to our company Ageas Health Insurance, established in August last year. On the other hand, in 2022, our bank increased its loan support to the Turkish economy by up to 757 billion Turkish lira, 616 billion Turkish lira of which is in cash, and continued to support the growth and development of the real economy with a strong consolidated capital adequacy ratio of 23.2 percent.”

In light of these developments, Sabancı Holding ended 2022 with a 166-percent increase in combined sales, which reached 403.6 billion Turkish lira, and a consolidated net profit worth 43.6 billion Turkish lira.


In addition to all these operational achievements, Mr. Alper noted that they implemented numerous leading practices in sustainability and concluded his comments: “At Sabancı Group, we are adamant about implementing numerous projects to counteract the climate emergency and to contribute to finding permanent solutions, while also considering the people-oriented positive impact a priority. Within this scope, we launched Sabancı Republic Day Campaign in 2021 in Adana, the birthplace of our Group, and, as of last year, the largest participation rate among the corporate social responsibility campaigns in Turkey. The 242 events in 48 provinces saw 15,000 Sabancı Volunteers active on the site. On November 10, we dedicated all our efforts to our Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.”