Sabancı Holding is The Only Turkish Company in The “World’s Top Female Friendly Companies” List


The “World’s Top Female Friendly Companies” research conducted by Forbes, one of the most esteemed business and economy magazines of the World has been published. Accordingly, Sabancı Holding has become the first and only company to enter the list from Turkey leaving behind many leading companies of the world.

 The research identified the top 300 international companies having the best practices in areas like policies supporting women, equal opportunities in hiring, equal pay, communication of issues of diversity, female representation in executive board and sexism. The corporate social responsibility approach of the companies and the perception of society were also among the evaluation criteria. The ranking was made upon a survey participated by 85 thousand women in 40 countries.

Güler Sabancı: “Women’s active participation in business life has always been a priority for us.”

Sabancı Holding CEO Güler Sabancı made assessments on the subject, saying, “Women’s empowerment in economic life is an essential element of a country’s social development. For a more contemporary future we have to make sure that gender equality is provided in working life. It is no longer sufficient to talk or develop ideas in this matter. It is the primary duty of a company that adopts an all around sustainability as a principle to take action, develop projects and implement them resolutely until women assume their deserved positions in business life.

We, as the Sabancı Group have been working for years for women to actively participate in the workforce in all our business processes beginning with the human resources. This issue is at the top of my own agenda for years as well. As a Group always acting with a mission of being a ‘pioneer’ and ‘exemplary’, I feel a great sense of contentment to appear as a Turkish company for the first time on such an important list. It gives me great joy that the pioneering work we do for the equal participation of women in work life is being noticed on a global scale. I congratulate all my colleagues who contributed...”

Received 5 International Awards

Sabancı Holding, carrying out projects celebrated both in Turkey and across the world in recent years with its pioneering human resources practices, has been given 5 international awards this year with the equal opportunity and diversity initiatives it has implemented. Sabancı Holding, was also ranked among the top 500 companies in the “World’s Best Employers” list published by Forbes last month.